Friday, October 2, 2020

Religious Use of Marijuana Discussion.

I was just wrapped into a conversation on Facebook on religious use.  We currently have a significant number of people who believe that Cannabis was and is the Tree of Life, and should be used religiously if they desire to. Yet religious use is denied in the US court systems, you are simply not permitted to make a religious marijuana use defense, in the United States.  NORMAL came out with a film a couple years ago basically saying there is no hope for Religious use.

Well that is not acceptable.  We are guaranteed our religious use rights in the First and the Fourteenth Amendments.

 We need to come together for a strategy on religious use in the USA. I am tired of great religious people going to prison for religious use. The Holy Oil must be returned, with freedom and dignity. There are plans to return the Holy incense as well, which  also fulfills prophesy.

We base Religious use on the Holy Oil of God in Exodus 30:23 "Keneh Bosem" of the Torah. This scripture refers to over 6 pounds of marijuana boiled into the Holy oil and used for anointing and poured over the incense, and burnt inside the church. This crosses a number of different religions. We consider marijuana to be sacrament of the Tree of Life. As Christians we believe that the anointing or chrism to be the act of becoming a christian or an anointed one. The return of the Holy Anointing Oil is a matter of prophesy. We must return this legally, with freedom and dignity. The question is how to do this in an environment where our court systems refuse to allow a religious use defense.

I invite commentary here from everyone.  You are most likely here because you are researching the term kaneh bosem. This discussion is where we are at in the real world fighting the Antichrist.

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"The Fire Baptism and the Lost Sacraments"

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I invite experts and authors to post commentary and links to their books here. 

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